Global Dimension in Engineering Education Award

GDEE AwardGlobal Dimension in Engineering Education (GDEE) is a EuropeAid Project, entitled “Cross-cutting development education into technology studies which aims to stimulate the introduction of education for development in European Universities. This project will impact positively on the attitudinal values and skills of students in relation to sustainable human development (SHD). This is being dealt with by integrating SHD as a cross-cutting issue in teaching activities through a two-fold strategy. Its first objective is to improve the competences of academics to enable them to introduce SHD into the curricula and facilitating the engagement of both staff and students in academic initiatives related to SHD.

Objective of the award: There is little doubt about the role that higher education may play in efforts to promote and achieve sustainable human development. One challenge is a shortage of academics actively engaged in promoting measures related to SHD in teaching activities. GDEE will identify and award best practice for the integration of sustainable human development in technology and engineering education.

Awards: There will be 3 awards of €3.000 (before taxes).

Deadline for submissions: July 31th.

Online application: You can apply here.

Awards Ceremony: September 22nd to 24th in Cambridge.

More info: Find all the details here.

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