Communication of Academic Research

La comunicación de la investigación académica

Xosé Ramil, Head of Communications in the Innovation and Technology for Development Centre (itdUPM), shows how the communication tools offered by new technologies have become essential in the diffusion of academic studies to predetermined target audiences.

They are even more effective however in allowing us to communicate not only the results of our studies but also the study or research processes themselves thus enabling us to share the doubts, ideas and solutions which we discover on the way.

In this way we can construct a narrative whereby we can evaluate our own work, communicate why we consider it important and even (when necessary) come across unlikely connections which give us a deeper insight into our work. Definitely a communication to open spaces to generate collective intelligence, crowdsourcing.

For this reason the academic reporting and feedback which we send to our stakeholders and target audience should aim to generate dialogue which either enriches our own studies and research or opens doors for their practical application.

This publication was conducted for the iniciative “Global Dimension in Engineering Education” that aims to increase the awareness, critical understanding and attitudinal values of undergraduate and postgraduate students in technical universities related to Sustainable Human Development (SHD) and its relationship with technology.

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