Toolkits for open innovation platforms

Fruto de la colaboración de itdUPM con el Programa Work4Progress (W4P) de Obra Social “la Caixa” se acaba de publicar una colección de 4 guías disponibles en español, inglés y portugués

A collection of 4 guides on open innovation platform approach, were published in collaboration with the Work4Progress Program (W4P) of ” Caixa” Foundation:

Community listening process (Download PDF in Spanish, English and Portuguese)
II  Co-creation (Download PDF in Spanish, English y Portuguese)
III Prototyping and scaling (Download PDF in Spanish, English y Portuguese)
IV Evaluation and communication (Download PDF in Spanish, English y Portuguese)

The guides were developed in a process of co-creation with the participation of organizations of the W4P Program, the Agirre Lehendakaria Center and a group of experts from the Polytechnic University of Madrid, the University of Columbia (United States) and the McConnell Foundation (Canada), among others.

They include definitions, tools and collect a set of good practices based on the work experience of the W4P platforms. The guides provide an essential common language and can be very useful to those organizations that are considering using a systemic approach to address complex problems.

W4P is a “la Caixa” Foundation programme intended to promote employment among women and young people in regions of Mozambique, India and Peru, through the creation of a platform for action and learning upon which innovative solutions may be scaled. More information about the program available here.

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