We create and promote conversations to accelerate the Agenda 2030

Trust is an essential requirement in building the multi-stakeholder partnerships that SDG 17 emphasises as necessary to fulfil the Agenda 2030, and is accomplished through dialogue.

We strive to establish the necessary context to promote exchange and collaboration between institutions, individuals and different – but complementary – expertise.

We aim to generate new shared narratives on the topics of the Agenda 2030, highlighting both the issues and their potential solutions.

(Un)likely Dialogues

(Un)likely Dialogues are meeting spaces that are open to the public to discuss, inspire, meet, exchange, co-create or debate issues related to the transformation towards sustainability.

The objective is to go beyond the obvious and create spaces for the exchange of experiences, debate and critical reflection among the participants.

By addressing real issues from the different perspectives of the participants, the Dialogues are enriched when the diversity of participants is greater.

The Dialogues are based on the principles of dialogic conversation, where there are no fixed starting points, and the context is designed so that the conversation is symmetrical and promotes active listening and co-creation, thus achieving new insights.

With a duration of 90 minutes, the Dialogues are centred on an inspiring lecture, followed by conversation


Revista Diecisiete - Journal Seventeen

Revista Diecisiete (Journal Seventeen) is the result of a partnership between itdUPM and Action Against Hunger, with the aim of contributing to the Agenda 2030, and is based on science, research and the dissemination of knowledge.

At a time where radical collaboration is necessary, this scientific journal aims to promote the interdisciplinary studies and research necessary to interpret and address the profound transformations required by the Agenda 2030.

It is designed for researchers and authors from any area of knowledge committed to the transformation towards sustainability, who are developing work methods, conducting research or innovative ideas based on collaboration with fields both different from and complementary to their own.

The first issue of Revista Diecisiete will analyse the concept of Basic Income, to be presented on October 16, 2019.

UPM Seminars: Technology and Innovation for the Sustainable Development Goals

The UPM Seminars are an initiative of the UPM Office of the Vice President for Research, with the objective of increasing the visibility of research on key issues for the international sustainability agenda.

Initiated in 2018, and with an expected duration of 3 years, the UPM Seminars stem from the idea that all lines of research at the UPM have the potential to contribute to fulfilling the SDGs.

The objective is to strengthen the culture of innovation and entrepreneurship, and to generate interdisciplinary research projects.

In addition, UPM Seminars aim to strengthen relationships with civil society actors, public administration and the private sector, thus attracting new resources for research and innovation.


SDGine, a treatment and an accelerator to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals

Instituto Mutante de Narrativas Ambientales

In order to achieve the meaningful transformation required to fulfil the Agenda 2030, we need to change our habits of production, consumption and involvement.

We need new narratives that go beyond what is possible, and which help create the collective vision of a better future for everyone.

The aula de narrativas (narratives in the classroom) is an open space for experimental communication on the Agenda 2030, which aims to find the most suitable metaphors to disseminate the Sustainable Development Goals and generate new rhetoric on possibilities; capable of shaping the public debate.